By Earl Brown, Sr. Numismatist, Swiss America

During the past two years U.S. Gold Commemorative coins have become the best performing investment-grade U.S rare coins in the marketplace. Now I will explain why from an insider's perspective.

The rare coin industry's "Blue Book" for U.S. rare coin valuations is the Certified Coin Dealer Newsletter (CCDN aka the "Blue Sheet") and the Coin Dealer Newsletter (CDN aka the "Grey Sheet"). Together these weekly publications report the U.S. coin market news and document the prices at which coin dealers are buying and selling all U.S. coins.

Since March of 1999, U.S. Gold Commemoratives have been featured by the CCDN and CDN in 37 issues and in the headlines 18 times! Spot a trend? What's even more exciting is that most of these 11 U.S. Gold Commemoratives are today still only a fraction of their historic market highs. That means there's still plenty of room for growth.

"Gold Commemoratives Continue to Increase," read the headline of the December 15, 2000 Coin Dealer Newsletter. They went on to say, "As we have written for quite some time in 2000, Gold Commemoratives are facing very strong dealer demand. Plus signs are dominating nearly every issue from this relatively short numismatic series. Demand is strongest for coins properly graded Mint State 64 and better."

Déjà vu, one year ago the CDN headline read, "Gold Commemoratives Hot" (December 10, 1999). In fact, since Swiss America first recommended U.S. Gold Commemoratives in the spring of '99, prices have quietly moved up an average of 53 percent, with top performers up 90 percent in 90 weeks! Of course there is some risk, but I invite you to take a closer look at these 20th-century golden treasures from an insider's view.

U.S. Gold Commemorative Y2000 Scorecard

Here’s what the top coin publications have said about Gold Commems over the past 21 months.

3/5/99 CDN Activity is increasing in the silver and gold commemoratives markets. Many plus signs are appearing for select Commems, silver and gold in the grades MS63 thru MS66.
5/7/99 CDN Both Silver and Gold Commemoratives are still receiving a lot of dealers attention.
6/18/99 CCDN Gold Commems Impressive (headline) Gold Commemoratives have come alive this week. We see strong bidding for MS65and MS67 condition.
7/2/99 CCDN Gold Commems Lead Market (headline) The Gold Commems are leading the way in the Commemorative market. Dealers are in strong need of Gold Commems.
7/16/99 CDN Silver and Gold Commemoratives remain in a bull market. Gold Commems are very hot.
7/16/99 CDN Gold Commemoratives Still Shine (headline) Gold Commemoratives are also displaying numerous plus signs this week. Dealers are looking to buy Gold Commems.
8/20/99 CDN Gold Commemoratives in high grades were showing signs of strength. Silver and Gold Commemoratives are healthy.
9/24/99 CDN Gold Commems Very strong as Long Beach Begins (headline) Gold Commemoratives are very strong, with supporting bids at current levels.
10/22/99 CDN Gold Commems Remain in Demand (headline) Gold Commemoratives are very strong across-the-board, with bids increasing in MS64 thru MS66.
12/10/99 CDN Gold Commemoratives Hot (headline) Mint State Gold Commemoratives are realizing strong support and demand.
1/21/00 CCDN Lewis & Clark Commems Active (headline) ... promotion has targeted the 1904 and 1905 Lewis & Clark Exposition $1 Gold Commemoratives.
3/17/00 CCDN Gold Commemoratives are hot this week. Plus signs are appearing for select issues.
4/7/00 CCDN Gold Commems Command Attention (headline) Gold Commemoratives are the stellar performers this week...bids are increasing for a whole host of dates and grades.
4/28/00 CCDN Gold Commems Rebound (headline) Take a look at the performance of Gold Commemoratives since the beginning of the year. Keep in mind that these increases represent only seventeen-week period. (Chart showing 6-21% increase YTD).
5/12/00 CCDN Leading Gold Commems (headline) Demand is a continuation of the rising interest over the past few months. Plus signs are found throughout the entire short series.
6/2/00 CCDN Demand For Gold Commems Evident (headline) The bottom line is that quality Uncirculated Gold Commemoratives are needed.
6/2/00 CDN Gold Commems Remain Hot (headline)
6/16/00 CDN Believe it or not, Gold Commems are increasing again.
6/18/00 CCDN Gold Commems Impressive Gold Commems one area that fits the bill perfectly.
6/23/00 CDN Gold Commems Glisten (headline) Virtually every coin MS64-MS66 is climbing higher.
7/21/00 CCDN Gold and Silver Commems Increasing (headline) Gold Commems, because of their rarity, to many, they represent an excellent value.
7/28/00 CDN Gold Commemoratives remain extremely sought after.
8/25/00 CDN Gold Commemoratives Strong (headline) Gold Commems are at it again! Increases are present across –the –board for almost every issue. The current demand for these issues far out weights available supply
9/15/00 CDN Gold Commems In Command - Strong Fall Activity Anticipated (headline). Gold Commems is where the action is this week. Plus signs dominate the charts for many dates in MS65 and MS66 condition. . The lack of coins available continues to be the problem with many Bids going unfulfilled
9/25/00 CCDN Gold Commems Soaring (headline) Gold Commems are very impressive this week in the rare coin market. Dealers are actively increasing their "sight- unseen" Bids for these special commems. This is what eager buyers are hoping will occur. Until this happens, price may only have one direction for the immediate future of Gold Commemoratives.
9/29/00 CDN Gold Commems are still in need. The demand has caused the 1915-s Pan-PAC 2 ½ to jump 5% this week in MS65. The eleven Gold issues seem almost totally unavailable within current bid/ask levels in MS-65 and better condition.
10/20/00 CDN Quality Gold Commems Advance (headline) One area that faces a thin supply and strong demand is the Gold Commemorative series. The demand for quality Gold Commems has been raging for quite some time with no-let-up in sight. We have seen specimens appear on the market via public auction and by private transactions that are quickly absorbed. Consequently it is not unusual in this thin market to see increases, virtually across the board for Gold Commems.
11/10/00 CDN Gold Commems continue to impress, as more buyers are present than one might imagine. Bids are not being raised as dealers in-the-know actively acquire examples at current levels from less-informed. individuals
12/8/00 CCDN No real movement to report for Silver or Gold Commemoratives. That’s not to say this area is dead….it’s far from it. Nearly every Gold commem grading MS64 and higher is in serious demand.
12/15/00 CDN Gold Commemoratives Continue to Increase (headline). As we have written for quite some time in 2000, Gold Commemoratives are facing very strong dealer demand. Plus signs are dominating nearly every issue from this relatively short numismatic series. Demand is strongest for coins properly graded Mint State 64 and better.

Research Gold Commemoratives Yourself!
If you've been waiting for just the right opportunity to diversify some of your paper or non-performing gold into quality collectible gold, then wait no longer.  I can think of no better time to convert a portion of your wealth into U.S. Gold Commems than right now. Gold Commems offer the safety of gold ownership, along with the privacy and profit potential of a rare collectible. It's a win-win situation! Read up on Gold Commems yourself in our Research Report or by calling 1-800-BUY-COIN.

While other areas of the numismatic market continue to follow bullion as a non-performing asset and remain sensitive to market sell-offs, U.S. Gold Commemoratives remain an independent market-mover and should continue this trend for years to come. -EHB

P.S. All investments have some risks, including U.S. rare coins.

U.S Gold Commemorative Research Report

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