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February 12, 2016

Gold stabilizes as prices hit a 12-month high. U.S. stocks attempt recovery but on track for weekly losses. Gold last traded at $1,239 an ounce. Silver at $15.79 an ounce.

Lines Around The Block To Buy Gold In London; Banks Placing "Unusually Large Orders For Physical" - Zero Hedge--2.11.16
Britain's largest online gold dealer has reported that it has received record-day sales as traders pile into gold on fears that the world is on the brink of another financial crisis.

Gold Soars To 12-Mo. High On Safe-Haven Demand As Markets Near Panic Mode- The Street--2.11.16
Gold prices have hit a 12-month high of $1,247 an ounce as a spooked world marketplace prompted safe-haven demand for precious metals. Gold is also on course for its longest winning streak since 2011.

Gold jumps to 1-year high as global market rout spurs safe-haven buying- Market Watch -- 2.11.16
Gold prices surged as investors tried to escape the global market rout and invest into safe-haven assets. Gold prices surged 3.5% while silver prices jumped 2.4%.

China is on a massive gold buying spree - CNN Money--2.10.16
Gold imports to China have surged over 700% since 2010, according to the latest data from Hong Kong. Currently, China consumes about 40% of the gold that comes out of the ground every year, according to John LaForge, head of Well's Fargo's commodities team.

US Leads Central Bank Gold Holdings at 8,155 Tonnes- Yahoo! Finance--2.11.16
According to a new analysis, the U.S. central bank held 8,155 tonnes of gold at the end of December. Central banks have added to their gold reserves with renewed vigour in the second half of 2015.

Gold Up 12%, Silver Up 11% YTD As Stocks Crash ... Again - Zero Hedge--2.9.16
Gold jumped 2% percent to a 7 1/2 month high and is approaching the psychological $1,200 level. Investors are becoming more concerned about falling bank shares and stock markets and are worried over global economic growth.

Gold And Silver Best Performing Assets – Up 9% and 8% YTD - Zero Hedge--2.5.16
Gold so far this year is up 9% as the U.S. dollar saw sharp declines on growing doubts that the Fed will be able to raise interest rates. Increasing uncertainty in the global economic outlook has also contributed to rising demand in gold and silver.

Gold: Bull Run Ahead - Seeking Alpha-- 1.30.16
So far this year gold as rose more than 5% amid turmoil in the financial markets. One expert sees a bull run ahead because the Fed rate hike appears unlikely, Indian gold demand is likely to remain high and Chinese gold demand could spike.

Gold Triumphs With Best Monthly Rally In A Year - Investors--1.29.16
January may have been a bad month for most commodity investors but gold rallies over 5%. The metal was boosted on safe-haven demand as investors reacted to Chinese financial turmoil and plunging oil prices.

U.S. Mint American Eagle gold coin sales surge 53 pct January, yr/yr - Reuters--1.29.16
The U.S. Mint sold 124,000 ounces of American eagle gold bullion coins in January, up 53 percent from a year ago. The strong sales came after the mint sold a record number of silver coins in 2015 as many investors took advantage of low bullion prices.

Gold has been one of Wall Street’s best bets early in 2016- Market Watch--1.27.16
So far in 2016 gold has been one of the best assets to own. After shrugging off the Fed's interest-rate increase back in December, gold has been on a hot streak.

Germany is stockpiling gold - Business Insider--1.27.16
Germany is in the process of bringing its gold back to its own country after decades of storing the majority of its reserves overseas. Germany has moved 210 tonnes in the past year alone.

‘This time is different’: Gold catches a break - Financial Times--1.26.16
Gold is looking to make January its best month in a year. The yellow metal has surged 4.9% so far this year as gold reclaims its status as a safe haven investment amid the recent market turmoil.

Gold Gains as Global Markets Plunge - The Wall Street Journal--1.20.16
Gold prices higher as investors flock to safe haven investments as global stocks resumed their steep selloff. Oil prices also continue to fall to a 12-year low causing concern for global growth.

Award-Winning Metals Market Report: January 2016 - Week 3 Edition - Townhall--1.20.16
Gold is up 2.5% so far in 2016 while the Dow Jones index is down 8.3%. Gold's recent strength is coming from the weakness in the U.S. economic and the threat of deflation.

Jeff Gundlach: Gold prices will spike 30% - CNN Money--1.14.16
One of America's top money managers is predicting that gold prices will soon spike and shoot up to $1,400 an ounce. Jeff Gundlach, CEO of DoubleLine Capital, think gold has hit a bottom and has been rallying since the beginning of the year.

Why Gold Prices Could Rocket in 2016- Money Morning--1.12.16
Investors are reacting to Middle East tensions and a rough start for the stock market in 2016 by looking towards safe havens like gold. As these reactions intensify, gold may continue higher in 2016.

Rare dime sells for nearly $2M at auction in Tampa- Yahoo! Finance--1.8.16
One particular dime has just sold for under $2 million. This dime is a 1894-S dime that was struck at the San Francisco Mint and only 24 were ever made, and only nine likely still exist.

Time for gold to glisten again as a safe haven? - CNBC--1.7.16
Gold prices have rose for a fifth straight day as global equity markets tumble. So far this year bullion is up about 4 percent and analysts are saying that now could be the time for gold to shine once more as a safe haven investment.

Gold Has Yet To See Its Greatest Rally Play Out – Euro Pacific’s Peter Schiff- The Street--1.5.16
According to market expert Peter Schiff, the best for gold is yet to come and "gold will see new highs and the biggest leg of the gold bubble market."

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