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August 29, 2014

Gold prices end flat ahead of holiday weekend as investors await another batch of U.S. economic data. U.S. stocks end higher, set for weekly and monthly gains. Gold last traded at $1,286 an ounce. Silver at $19.44 an ounce.

How gold is defying the haters- Yahoo! Finance--8.27.14
As stocks are hitting new highs and the U.S. dollar index nearly at a one-year high, the usual gold arguments are hurt. Despite everything however, gold prices have been able to hold its own, falling only slightly below the $1,300 level.

Expect Skyrocketing Gold As China & Russia Continue Buying- King World News--8.26.14
Acclaimed money manager Stephen Leeb says we can expect skyrocketing prices for the coming years as countries like China and Russia continue to buy gold for a new monetary order.

Gold Shines Most in September on Seasonal Buys: Chart of the Day - Bloomberg--8.26.14
Gold investors should be excited for September because, according to history, gold prices tend to perform best during this month. Gold has an average gain of 3 percent during the month of September, according to data from the last 20 years.

Oklahoma Moves Towards the Gold Standard - Forbes--8.18.14
There has been little controversy in Oklahoma around removing one of the obstacles to use gold as money. Governor Mary Fallin has signed into law legislation that recognizes gold and silver as money.

Gold Will Continue to Outperform Major Assets - Money Morning--8.14.14
Gold prices have had a strong first half in 2014. Gold has been the best performer among major asset classes this year. Money Morning Resource Specialist Peter Krauth sees more gains for the metal for the rest of the year, making now the perfect time to buy gold.

Gold going to $5,000 per ounce: Mining executive - CNBC--8.14.14
McEwen Mining founder and chief owner Robert McEwen says he is bullish on gold and see the yellow metal ultimately getting to $5,000 an ounce.

Gartman reckons end-game for gold price management could be nigh - Mineweb--8.11.14
Financial expert and commentator Dennis Gartman believes "The Force" that has been keeping the gold price down may well be near defeat. This could be a major signal that investors and fund managers should get back into precious metals.

Central banks continuing to boost gold reserves - Mineweb--8.5.14
With the crisis in Ukraine growing, many central banks have been accumulating gold. In June alone, the Russian central bank has hiked its gold holdings by 16.8 tonnes.

Gold may be entering a golden age - Market Watch--8.4.14
Gold generally does well in negative real-rate environments, when inflation is higher than interest rates. We may be on the verge of that happening, which explains some of the recent strength in commodities.

Steve Forbes: Return to Gold Standard Would Give Dollar 'Stable Value'- Money News--7.31.14
According to expert Steve Forbes, a return to the gold standard would stabilize and strengthen the U.S. economy. The gold standard was dropped by President Roosevelt in 1933.

Gold may soon break out of its bear market - CNBC--7.29.14
Right now is the time to own gold. The current state of the world is in turmoil. Israel has conflict along the Gaza strip and trouble continues to grow between Ukraine and Russia.

A Chinese Gold Standard? - NY Times--7.24.14
Many international critics believe when the U.S. ended the dollar link to gold it turned its back on its responsibilities as the guarantor of the international monetary system. China's accumulated reserves give it plenty of ammunition to claim leadership in the creation of a new monetary order.

Reasons Why This Is The Time To Buy Gold - Investopedia--7.24.14
So far in 2014 gold has risen 9%. Right now, technical charts suggest that now could be the ideal time for traders to buy gold.

Escalating Ukraine crisis could blow gold sky high- Mineweb--7.22.14
The Ukraine crisis is far from over and has brought a safe-haven focus back into the gold market, which is likely to remain. A big gold price escalation is looming soon rather than later.

The worst for gold may be over: Bank of America Merrill Lynch- Market Watch--7.21.14
Analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch say the worst days for gold may be over. Analysts don't see a repeat of 2013 because natural interest rates are falling for several reasons and inflation expectations should gradually pick up.

'Why I am backing cash and gold until stock markets fall' - The Telegraph--6.30.14
With stock markets at an all-time high, the risks of capital are rising. Zero interest rates and low bond yields have forced savers reluctantly into shares.

Experts: America's gold is gone - WND--7.17.14
Former U.S. Treasury official Dr. Paul Craig Roberts told King World News that entire U.S. gold hoard, including gold being help for other countries, is now gone.

Gold spikes on Malaysia Airlines crash - The Telegraph--7.17.14
Gold spiked and stocks fell as investors took fright at the loss of a passenger jet in Ukraine near the border with Russia. Gold is a shelter for investors in times of uncertainty and surged as much as 1.9%.

Gold Plunges Back Below $1300 As "Someone" Dumps $2.3 Billion In Futures - Zero Hedge--7.15.14
After dovish comments from the Fed "someone" sold over 17,000 contracts, or $2.3 billion in gold futures, causing the metal to fall below $1,300 an ounce. Gold still remains above its pre-June FOMC levels.

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