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July 1, 2015

Gold prices ease back as investors follow the latest news from Greece. U.S. stocks higher as investors digest latest batch of economic reports. Gold last traded at $1,169 an ounce. Silver at $15.57 an ounce.

The Fed’s unwillingness to raise rates will finally boost gold - Market Watch--6.25.15
For over a year now, economists have been predicting that interest rate hikes are "just around the corner." Now a 2015 rate hike may not even be in the cards, and commodities like gold will benefit.

China plans to launch yuan gold fix by end of 2015 - Yahoo! Finance--6.25.15
China is planning on launching a yuan-denominated gold fix by the end of 2015, giving them more influence over pricing.

The Glitter Of Gold In An Age Of Soaring Debt - Forbes--6.28.15
If gold back global debt 100% it would be worth $33,900 per ounce. Gold has always been recognized as an exceptional store of value and has been accepted in all forms of transactions.

Why $1,200 is important for gold - Market Watch--6.18.15
Gold rallied on Thursday, rising just over 2%, hitting the highest close since May 22. What more important is that gold rallied over the $1,200 milestone.

China's takeover of the West continues as they receive invite to set gold prices - Examiner--6.16.15
Yesterday, the IMF began the process of seeing whether China's Yuan currency was stable and supportive enough to be part of the bank's Special Drawing Rights basket of currencies.

China, India are ‘changing the nature’ of gold bullion markets - Market Watch--6.16.15
Emerging markets like China and India are shaking up the gold market. One expert says because of these markets, there is still "significant room for growth" for gold prices.

Russia's Gold Reserves Are a Growing Threat to the U.S. Dollar - Money Morning--6.15.15
Despite a struggling economy, Russia continues to add to its gold reserves. It is estimated that Russia bough more than double the gold in 2014 than it did in the previous year.

Texas Pulls $1 Billion In Gold From NY Fed, Makes It “Non-Confiscatable”- ETF Daily News--6.15.15
Lack of faith in the Central Bank is spreading as Texas has enacted a Bill to repatriate $1 billion of gold from the NY Fed's vaults to a newly established state gold bullion depository.

Avi Gilburt doubles down: Gold is going to $25,000- Market Watch--6.12.15
Expert Avi Gilburt sticks by his stance of $25,000 gold. He received a lot of feedback saying that his prediction is impossible and, according to Gilburt, when sentiment reaches an extreme in one direction, the exact opposite of what herd believes will occur is usually what actually occurs.

How central banks will push up the gold price - Mining--6.9.15
During the first quarter of this year, the World Gold Council estimates that 120 tonnes of gold were added to global central bank reserves. One expert expects this trend to grow for the rest of 2015.

8 Reasons to Take a New Shine to Gold - Barron's--6.4.15
The precious metal may currently be in a slump, but could potentially top $2000 over the next decade as concerns in Asia grow.

Why Gold Will Rally Again, Regardless of Deflation or Inflation - The Street-- 6.5.15
One expert says if there is deflation in the U.S. economy, investors may be better off owning gold than stocks, according to what history has shown us in Japan.

The next great bull market: Gold $25,000 - Market Watch--6.4.15
One expert believes gold could make another run over the next decade. If we use the same math as the last bull run, gold futures would surpass $25,000.

Russia To Take It’s Gold Reserves Up To $500 Billion From $360 Billion - Investment Research Dynamics--6.4.15
Russia has announced that it will take its gold reserves up to $500 billion, or roughly 119.1 million ounces. The head of Russia's Central Bank is determined to increase the country's gold reserves to its previous levels in 2012-2013.

David Morgan: Panic Exit Out Of Currencies and Into Gold & Silver - ETF Daily News--6.3.15
Finance writer David Morgan thinks the global economy could take a sudden turn for the worst and when that happens there will be a panic buy into metals.

The Message from Last Week's Headlines: Don't Dare Sell Your Gold! - Casey Research--5.28.15
Gold prices may currently be stagnant, but forces behind the scenes signal that something big is coming and investors should hold on to their gold.

It's Official: Austria Repatriates Gold, Confirms Loss Of Faith In Bank Of England - Zero Hedge--5.28.15
The Austrian Central Bank confirmed that by the year 2020 it will hold 50%, or 140 tons, of its gold domestically. This means Austria will withdrawal its gold from the Bank of England which hold 80% of Austria's gold currently.

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