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To celebrate the new millennium and foster widespread participation in the ongoing convergence of the kingdom of God, Swiss America, Open Church Ministries, and Strategic Christian Resources have combined audio resources compiled over the last decade to produce, "The Big Picture - The Shape of Things To Come on Planet Earth."

I firmly believe that we are witnessing the end of the humanist era, and the beginning of a new renaissance lead by people of faith. The Big Picture is intended to promote a fresh soul-searching movement among people of faith with the goal of finding biblical solutions to America's cultural and identity crises.

The Big Picture was launched as a weekly half-hour radio broadcast in Los Angeles on KKLA Saturday, November 18, 2000. The first two programs are combined on The Big Picture CD (55-minutes) and feature a panoramic overview with over half of the 150 leaders showcased in complete The Big Picture, which is 28 hours total.

Yes, the world is about to become a very different place - thanks to you! Glory to God, He's still on the throne! -CRS

The Big Picture Part I: The Convergence (transcript)


The fiery tide has turned! The course of history has changed before our eyes. The church is no longer in retreat. As we stand on the threshold of a third millennium, with all of its challenges and opportunities, the season has come to reflect on our spiritual progress to gain a clearer vision for the future.

The Big Picture is designed to showcase a Biblical worldview of the message and mission of the Christian Church in the 21st Century. Our prayer is that this millennium special will motivate you to participate in shaping the future of planet earth, because after all, the future belongs to those prepared for it!

According to Dr. Jack Hayford, "History is marching toward a count-in to redemption, rather than a countdown to destruction." This means we Christians need a fresh perspective on our role in society

Key challenges facing the American church in the 21st century.

"Today we are, for all intents and purposes, in a post-Christian era." -Dr. Jay Grimstead

"Faith is privately engaging, but publicly irrelevant." -Dr. Os Guinness

"We've basically divorced our religion from our culture." -Dr. John Eidsmoe

"Christians have just really backed out of their responsibilities in so many areas." -Dr. David Noebel

"Our problem is that we have offended the Lord and lost His needed favor." -John Dawson

"As biblical Christians we need to resist the New World order." -Paul Maguire

"One of the things that you've got to get rid of for a new world order is you have to trash Christianity." -Tal Brooke

"We have a nation of biblical illiterates. Only 11% of Christians now read their bible everyday." -Cal Thomas

"There are millions of Christians with saved souls and Babylonian minds." -Darrow Miller

"The church compromised with the world system. If the church stood up right now it would be gone in a minute." - Dr. Ted Baehr "Government begins in a heart of man." -Stephen McDowell

"The function of civil government is to limit sin." -David Davidson

"There's no religion without law." -Dr. R.J. Rushdoony

"We should attack concepts, ideas - pulling down strongholds, demolishing arguments." -Dr. Walter Martin

"Religion is always scientific, and science is always religious." -Dr. Hugh Ross

"Even a pagan can see something when it's working right." -Dr. Charles Simpson

"Until we have a more pure witness to the world we can hardly expect to see the world changed." -Dr. Greg Bahnsen

"I believe the businessman has to come in to accountability." -Rich Pearce

"Prosperity is not a goal; it is always a by-product." -Dr. Edwin Cole

"There is a new wisdom that God is giving to the church." -Francis Frangepane

"Therefore we ought to transform our society." -Pastor Tommy Barnett

"If all of us did our job - in caring for the hurting and defending the helpless - there would be no need for an ACLU." -Dr. George Grant

"God is looking for participants." -Dr. Jack Hayford

"God is shaking believers out of a false sense of security." -Dennis Peacocke

"The issue is ultimately going to come right back today as to whether or not we will acknowledge the Lordship of Christ or the Lordship of Caesar." -Pastor John Weaver

"God's bringing us back tot a restored church with a restored gospel." -Dale Rumble

"I've never seen so many tears of repentance." -John Dawson

"The born-again church in every city is to be one church." -Francis Frangepane

"We are a people of impending prophetic fulfillment." -Dr. Jack Hayford


Human history is approaching a "convergence," according to strategist Dennis Peacocke. This new convergence is magnetic in nature - polarizing and unifying Christians and the world system. Sweeping cultural change will soon focus around these major issues:

1. The Generational Transfer of Values

2. Ethnic Justice for All People

3. The Ministry of All Believers

4. The End of Left-Right Politics

5. Redefining True Wealth

Over the last 20 years God has been calling Christian leaders together toward a convergence, in answer to Jesus prayer to the Father in John 17:21, "…that they may be one in Us, that the world may believe."

In just a moment, we will quickly review some of the pivotal social and spiritual movements of the last millennium leading up to the convergence with Christian strategist, Dennis Peacocke, but first this word from our sponsor, Swiss America.

Defining True Wealth

Craig Smith: Accountants define "wealth" as our assets minus our liabilities. But in today's volatile financial world, assets can quickly become liabilities if we're not careful. Did you know that 80% of American's "wealth" exists ONLY on paper and in computers?

So, as long as our banks run smoothly and computer systems are online we feel confident that our assets are safe. But what happens if that confidence is broken or your wealth is at risk? A chain reaction could begin that could turn into an uncontrollable panic.

Fact is, too many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, buried in debt. Any disruption in income or investment values could send confidence spiraling downward dragging with it stocks, bonds, CD's, mutual funds and even the value of the U.S. dollar down with it dramatically.

True wealth must have two important elements; #1. It must stand the test of time, and #2, it should never be a liability. (Gold has stood the test of time, and #2, is one of the only assets that is not someone else's liability. So it passes the test!)

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A Quick Review of American Church History

Over the last 20 years God has been calling Christian leaders together toward a convergence, in answer to Jesus prayer to the Father in John 17:21, "…that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe." Let's review some of the pivotal social and spiritual movements of the last millennium with Christian strategist, Dennis Peacocke.

Dennis Peacocke: Over the last 300 years we have seen the great Revivalist movements of Wesley and Whitfield, the great Welch revivals, the Great Awakenings in the 1700 and 1800's, the missionary movements in the 1880's and 90's, from which missionaries spread all over the world in response to the heritage that they had received from other groups in the 1700's.

In the 20th century we have the Pentecostal movement, the Azusa Street revival, which radically effected both the black and white church, here in the United States and indeed around the world, addressing the whole issue and question of the role and ministry of the Holy Spirit in the very personal sense in the life of believers.

We saw the fundamentalist movement in the 1920's and early 1930's, especially here in the United States, and the great debate over the authority of scripture and the challenges from so-called "higher criticism," addressing the relationship of the gospel to society, and whether or not it's the role of the church properly to get involved in the management of the nations.

Then we saw in the Charismatic movement of the 1960's and up to the current day - a movement that is now enveloped approximately 500 million Christians around the world. That movement is the foundation, the precursor to what is coming right now, because the so-called charismatic movement is a bit of a paradox because, for the first time in history, we see a massive amount of spiritual activity that is not directly affected the surrounding culture.

That wasn't true with the revivalists, that wasn't true with the missionary movement - all the great historic movements of the church have spilled out onto the streets and affected the culture. But here with the charismatic renewal, or the charismatic movement, we see massive spiritual activity at the same time while our surrounding culture is continuing to decay and fall farther and farther away from the precepts of God's word."

The Worldview War

"Two worldviews are vying now for the allegiance of all nations. One is a biblical worldview, based on a biblical view of law and society. And the other is an anti-biblical view that opposes the Bible as being the basis of law for society." - Dr. Jay Grimstead

"The reason the liberal worldview has taken over has nothing to do with the numbers or the power or the wisdom of the liberals. We have a nation of biblical illiterates. A USA Today poll found that only 11% of Christians now read their bible everyday." -Cal Thomas

"Many Christians have not really gone back to the Bible to deduce a true biblical world view. We have accepted conclusions from the past, from tradition - that may not be all that accurate, or we simply do not want to think it through. Many Christians do not want to bother with a worldview at all, not realizing that the ideas they will begin to produce consequences." - Paul Jehle

"The future of our country is bound up in the educational process. By parents taking their kids out of the public school process and putting them in home schooling and in Christian schools, we have an effective weapon to prevent out kids from being indoctrinated into this worldview system." - Michael Farris

"There's a new wisdom that God is giving to the church. Our wisdom is to obey the Lord. What are the strategies that God says are going to help to take our cities for the Lord, Jesus Christ." One of the main strategies is that the born-again church in every city is to be one church." - Francis Frangepane

Prepare for the Harvest!

Dennis Peacocke: We are beginning to see the convergence, once again in the public arena of debate over the social, economic, and spiritual values that undergird this nation and the nations of the world.

This raises the great biblical question given to us in Genesis chapter 1, verses 26-28, the so-called dominion mandate - where God our creator, God our father challenged each and every one of us as Christians in Adam to take responsibility for the stewardship of the earth that God created and God owns. An earth that Christ reclaimed. An earth that is filled with nations that are His inheritance, as we read in Psalm 2: "Ask of me for the nations as thine inheritance." And Jesus did.

I hear Christ's words ringing at the point of ascension when He said, "All power and authority in heaven and earth is given unto me. Go ye, therefore." We see the renewal of the mandate to steward God's planet and God's resources and God's people now given to the church, a kind of corporate Adam, if you will. The responsibility for the management of the earth is still in the hands of the people of God.

Now, the result of all this, the result of this convergence, the result of the church, the spiritual forces of both heaven and hell, engaging in a public debate over the management of the people and the resources of the planet is going to lead to the fulfillment of Matthew 4:19, wherein Jesus said, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

Friend, we are on the edge of the most massive harvest in history. You've heard this said by other notable men of God and women of God the last 10 or 15 years, that prophecies around the earth have universally spoken about this massive harvest and the cry of the Holy Spirit saying, "prepare to bring in the harvest, prepare the nets."

True Wealth - Economic Super-Cycles

In just a moment we'll hear more of The Big Picture with Dennis Peacocke as he explains the first key to participating in The Convergence movement - learning to pass on our value system on to the next generation -- right after this word from Swiss America.

Craig Smith: I feel like a renaissance man, standing at the edge of world, looking at the extreme disequalibrium in our modern geopolitical, economic and religious scene - all on the verge of historic changes. And in my hand is the most valuable asset mankind has ever known - rare gold.

What will this millennium super-cycle mean to your financial portfolio? One of two things -- a giant harvest, or a giant headache. The so-called "New Economy" is coming back to earth. The "NASDAQ Nation" is now ready to "get real."

The massive ideological pendulum has begun a historic swing in the direction of morality, freedom, liberty, and justice - all of which draw strength from real assets like gold, land, livestock and all other commodities.

Consider these key economic factors:

1) Gold bullion is very undervalued, yet some rare coins are up over 50% inY2000.

2) Stock Indexes globally grow more volatile, fueled by wild Dot-Com speculation.

3) Global economic instability is rising, leading to a debt-liquidating crescendo.

The cumulative "millennium super-cycle effect" is unpredictable, perhaps even dangerous. However, in every approaching crisis is also a hidden opportunity. I fully expect rare coins to exceed the performance of the last two cycles. This is, as they say, a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Convergence Key #1 - Generation Transfer of Values

Now let's join with Dennis Peacocke as he explains the first key to participating in The Convergence movement - learning to pass on our value system to the next generation.

Dennis Peacocke: How do we produce values that can be transferred to our children, so they're no longer committing suicide? Making teen suicide the number one killer of youth under twenty in the United States of America. What kind of debate should that gender in the United States of America?

I want to tell you today the Republicans and Democrats are not going to deal with that problem, it's going to take the priests of the most high God. It's going to take the body of Christ to deal with and frame the spiritual issues about what are we going to do the recover the recover the children in our nation.

It's going to take the body of Christ to address issues like the environment and address issues like economics and the whole question of savings rates and does one generation consume the resources of a future generation. Those things should not be led by Greenpeace or led by the left wing or the right wing. You know who those issues belong to-You and I, friend, and the body of Christ because we're the city on a hill, we are to be salt and light to the nations of the earth.

We've abdicated our responsibility, and now we see the culture crumbling all around us and we're hand ringing hoping that we get out of here, as the only solution. We'll praise God, there's an army being raised up all over the planet, even as we speak, that is saying, "Lord, God, we accept the responsibility of loving the people in this culture and we accept the responsibility of engaging in the great debate over the future of our children and future generations."

Convergence Key #2 - Establishing Ethnic Justice for All

In the next segment of The Big Picture, Dennis Peacocke will discuss the second characteristic of the Convergence - establishing ethnic justice for all people. Here's Dennis.

Dennis Peacocke: Now we see this movement, this convergence as speaking to the issues that the fish are feeding on, the things that they're talking about. Whether it's the war in the former nation of Yugoslavia, whether it's about ethnic issues in Africa or ethnic issues in Turkey, or ethnic issues here in the United States of America.

It's about ethnicity; what was God's purpose for forming the different ethnic groups. Now, friends, we need to get into that debate and let me say one big reason why. Because the ethnic issue has been falsely framed in the terms of races, and there is only one race-the human race. And the whole racist debate is over the issue of evolution.

Now, evolution broke on the scene in 1859, with the publishing of Charles Darwin's book. The full title of that book, they won't tell you what the title is in high school and you and I never got it in college. The full title of the book is, On the Origin of the Species: On the Preservation of Most Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.

When I saw the original copy of that book in the British Museum I just about had a spiritual heart attack. I also know that the financing of that project was to justify European colonialism, and what we called the "White man's burden." Now I'm a white man, so I can talk about that.

We need to spur the debate over whether or not human beings are "slime plus time." Whether or not we are the result of mathematical probability or whether or not we are in fact created. Because the doctrine of evolution presupposes, justifies, stands on the assumption, that because of the struggle for some races to evolve beyond other races that some races are in fact superior and other races are inferior.

Friend, the Bible does not teach that. The Bible teaches that we were all created in the image of God, and if we're going to look at God, we have to look at the different ethnic groups be created.

Creation scientists challenge evolutionary theory:

"I am actually in a way glad that the evolutionists are pushing as hard as they are. Because it's forcing Christians, bible believing Christians to get serious about teaching their kids the truth about where they came from." - Dennis Peterson

"Regardless of the age of the earth, whether 6 0r 10,000 years or 6 or 10 billion years, the evidence demands creation. Sir Fred Hoyle, assuming that the universe was 20 billion years old, calculated the probability of life evolving, came up to the conclusion it was physically impossible. He said the probability of evolution was equal to the probability that a tornado sweeping through a junkyard would assemble a Boeing 747." -Dwaine Gish

"Religion is always scientific and science is always religious. We need to open our eyes to the fact that there is overlap and not run from it, because when we run from it we get into theological chauvinism." -Hugh Ross

Swiss America Mid-East Update

What's at the bottom of racism around the world - which recently flared up again in the Middle East? Listen now to a Swiss America update on the Middle East conflict from Ken Klein.

KKLA: Because of the recent dramatic events in the Middle East, we have a special live Middle East news report with Ken Klein, producer of The Temple Mount Dilemma, a 30-minute documentary video just released. Ken, thanks for taking a moment to give us the latest news.

KLEIN: My pleasure Dave. Swiss America wanted the Duffy listeners to hear this first. Today's escalating Mid-East crisis is centered around the Dome of the Rock and the attempted resolution of the historic Palestinian and Israeli battle over the Temple Mount.

I was in Jerusalem last month interviewing Rabbi Richman, founder of the Temple Mount Institute, who testified on camera that, "Nine months ago the Palestinians began an aggressive program of vicious revisionist history on the Temple mount site. Under cover of night Palestinians began to illegally excavate and destroy 100's of tons of Israeli artifacts below the Mosque of Asqa in the stables of Solomon."

KKLA: Why are Palestinians destroying Israeli artifacts? Has this been confirmed?

KLEIN: Yes, this was confirmed by the Chief Temple Archeologist who testified that Palestinians are attempting to eradicate archeological proof that validates Jewish territorial rights. The excavation rubble has been cast into the Kidron valley and garbage dumps around Jerusalem. Prime Minister Barak is aware of it, but he's so committed to the peace process that it has gotten no publicity, that is, until now.

KKLA: Wow, this is important news! How can Duffy listeners find out more, or get a copy of The Temple Mount Dilemma video?

KLEIN: By calling 1-800-289-1455. The video is priced at $19.95.

Conclusion Part I - A Call to Action

I hope you have enjoyed The Big Picture, Part One. If you would more information about any of the resources covered in The Big Picture, call toll-free 1-800-289-2646 or visit online at

Swiss America would like to help you celebrate the new millennium by giving you a FREE copy of The Big Picture Part 1 & 2 on CD along with more information about the most profitable gold in the 21st century - rare U.S. Gold coins. Call today for your copy of The Big Picture at 1-800-BUY-COIN, that's 1-800-BUY-COIN or online at

Stay tuned for Part two of The Big Picture. We'll continue to discuss The Convergence keys #3,4 & 5 -- The Ministry of All Believers, the End of Left-Right Politics and Redefining True Wealth.

Sample of The Big Picture Part 2

"God is now moving." - Barry Byrd

"He has been preparing over the last several decades, a new kind of church." - Ralph Neighbour

"In the next 10-15 years there's going to be some explosive growth - whole countries rushing into the kingdom of God." - Dr. Jay Grimstead

"The whole infrastructure of church bodies has to be changed and prepared to accommodate great numbers of new converts." - Dale Rumble

"We've spent the last 2000 years complicating Christianity." - Jim Hayford

"For 1700 years God's people have been an audience instead of a body." -Nate Krupp

"The church has got to restructure itself seriously." -John Perkins

"The Bible really calls us to dismantle a lot of programs and practices that a lot of people are very comfortable with." - David Bercot

"What we may be doing is inoculating people to Christ rather than introducing them to Christ." - George Barna

"We have not seen nor preached the kingdom of God." -Dennis Peacocke

The Big Picture CD Offer

On behalf of Swiss America, sponsor of True Wealth, I would like to thank you for listening to The Big Picture Part 1. We hope that it has been a blessing but the next step is up to you. We need your help. No, I'm not talking about sending donations, I'm talking about letting us know that you liked The Big Picture and want to participate in The Convergence by calling us at 1-800-289-2646 or emailing us at We've already begun planning a Big Picture Events and would like your feedback.

If you would like to receive the complete one-hour program The Big Picture, it is available free of charge online, both in text and audio format, at OR you may call 1-800-289-2646 to request a CD and booklet along with other information from Swiss America.

Yes, the world is about to become a very different place - thanks to you! Until next time this is your host Dave Bradshaw. God Bless!

End of The Big Picture Part I

Listen to The Big Picture Part 1 (27:30 trt)
Listen to The Big Picture Part 2 (27:30 trt)

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