The Wisdom of Buying Gold Right Now!

1.15.14 - Gold prices, which have been at the mercy of technical selling since 2012, have now started to rebound in 2014. Short-term profit-taking by speculators in 2013 provide a golden opportunity for savvy savers to convert debased dollars into trustworthy gold - at a 25% discount!

Swiss America CEO Dean Heskin reminds gold owners that the physical gold market is still alive and well, despite ETF liquidations from major banks, brokerages and traders.

"This flushing out of weak-handed, short-term gold speculators will prove a valuable entry point for those who have felt they missed the gold rush over the last few years," says Heskin.

"Gold's healthy price correction below $1,300/oz. should be viewed as an excellent buying opportunity in the last year. Market fundamentals remain solid," said author and Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith.

Mr. Smith remains confident the 21st century rush toward a new gold standard and away from a debt-driven culture is far from over, "The strong fundamentals driving this flight to safety could continue to propel gold prices above $2,000/oz."

This 2012-13 price dip offers wise buyers the 9th major gold buying opportunity since 2004. The average price rebound following major price dips over the last decade is 36%! Better yet, this is the first time in a decade gold prices have dipped over 30%.

gold price dip

Gold prices have risen dramatically in recent years based on safe haven buying by individuals, institutions, Central banks worldwide as well as ETFs and other short-term speculators. Investors around the globe are diversifying their assets into the world's safest asset, gold, the new standard for measuring currencies worldwide.

During every single gold price consolidation over the last decade most "experts" predicted gold prices had topped. They were wrong. Gold bears claiming the charts are saying "sell" will be wrong again.

Long-term thinkers and investors view this as a smart buying opportunity.

Do not be distracted by media hype over gold price corrections or talk about a new gold "bubble". Instead, keep your eyes on the facts and your focus on the fundamentals. The above 10-year gold chart illustrates nine major gold price corrections in this bull market since 2004:

1. 2003 - Gold at $382 dropped to $319 (-16%)
2. 2004 - Gold at $425 dropped to $375 (-13%)
3. 2005 - Gold at $536 dropped to $489 (-9%)
4. 2006 - Gold at $725 dropped to $560 (-22%)
5. 2007 - Gold at $841 dropped to $778 (-8%)
6. 2008 – Gold hit $1002 on Mar 17 then dropped to $746 on 9-11-08 15 (-25%)
7. 2009-10 - Gold hit $1215 on Dec 7th then dropped to $1,060 on 2-4-10 (-14.6%)
8. 2010-11 - Gold hit $1,425 in Dec. 2010, then dropped to $1,315 on 1-27-11. (-8%)
9. 2011- Gold hit $1,891 in Aug. 2011, then dropped to $1,200 on 6.25.13. (-36%)

timeless truth Following each of the previous EIGHT major corrections, gold prices have risen an average of 36%. The next leg of this bull market could lift gold prices above $1,700* an ounce.

"Now is an excellent time to buy! If the gold market continues in the same pattern witnessed over the last decade, 2013 may be one of the last opportunities to buy gold at such a bargain price. Reports of gold's 'death' over the last decade have not only been greatly exaggerated, but will again be proven wrong. Central banks from Bangkok to Boston are creating fiat money, therefore the worst is ahead for the dollar and the best is ahead for gold owners," said author and Swiss America Chairman Craig R. Smith.

Seize this golden opportunity today! Protect and grow your assets with precious metals. Call or register online now for a FREE 2014 "TIMELESS TRUTH" kit (Newsletter & DVD).

*Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

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