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August 28, 2015

Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Declines to a Three-Month Low - Bloomberg--8.28.15
Consumer confidence decline in August to a three-month low as recent stock-market turbulence weighed on Americans.

Fed Up Investors Yank Cash From Almost Everything Just Like 2008 - Bloomberg--8.27.15
Since July, American households have been pulling money out of both mutual funds that invest in stocks and those that invest in bonds.

U.S. stock rally unravels as Dow, S&P 500 end sharply lower - Market Watch--8.25.15
U.S. stocks relinquished all of its opening gains and ended the day with sharp losses. Trading on Wall Street remains volatile and Wall Street's fear gauge is at the highest level since 2011.

Dow ends down 588 after early 1,000-pt. slide - Associated Press--8.24.15
The Dow finished down nearly 600 points after an early 1,000 point slide. This was the 8th worse single-day decline caused by a slowdown in China's economy.

Dimmer outlook for US economy, wages and hiring - Associated Press--8.24.15
Economists who once saw a rosy future for the U.S. economy are now predicting weaker expansion. These economists are now predicting tepid economic growth, weak pay gains and modest hiring over the next two years.

Dow suffers biggest weekly point drop since the worst week of the financial crisis - Market Watch--8.21.15
The Dow has suffered its biggest weekly point drop since the worst week of the financial crisis amid growing concerns of a slowing global economy.

S&P erases gains for year as stocks plunge 2% on Fed, growth concerns - CNBC--8.20.15
U.S. stocks have closed near session lows as investors weighed continued uncertainty over the timing of a rate hike and concerns about global growth.

23 Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening - Zero Hedge--8.18.15
The global financial crisis is already happening. There are at least 23 nations around the world where stock market crashes are already happening.

GDP won't accelerate, so why hike rates: Former Fed gov- CNBC--8.17.15 Experts are not expecting any rate hikes after the central banks September meeting. Many are also predicting a slowdown in GDP for the rest of 2015.

Market timer Tom McClellan sees stocks set up for ‘ugly decline’ as early as Thursday - Market Watch--8.17.15
One expert is predicting that the top in stocks will be hit soon and will have an "ugly decline" for the rest of the year.

The scariest reason China devalued the yuan, in one chart- Yahoo! Finance--8.13.15
China devalued to yuan for many reasons ranging from falling exports to an ailing property market. China also devalued its currency due to a destructive change happening in the country's labor market.

Schiff: US Dollar Bubble Is Going to Burst - Newsmax--8.11.15
China has rattled global markets by devaluing its currency. But according to market expert Peter Schiff, investors should be worried about the U.S., not China.

Schiff: America is on a ‘race to the bottom’ - CNBC--8.12.15
China has become the latest nation to join the currency war. However, according to Peter Schiff, the U.S. already has the "inside track" in the battle to debase their currency.

Since 2007: 1.4 Million Manufacturing Jobs Lost; 1.4 Million Waiter/Bartender Jobs Gained - Zero Hedge--8.7.15
In the last few months, the U.S. has lost 1.4 million manufacturing workers. These jobs have been replaced by service jobs such as waiters and bartenders.

US private sector jobs fall short in July - CNBC--8.5.15
According to the latest ADP private payrolls report, American companies added fewer jobs that expected last month.

New ‘gig’ economy spells end to lifetime careers - FT--8.5.15
These days a job is more likely to be part-time, temporary, freelance or self employed. This is very different compared to the usual "career" type jobs were used to seeing.

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