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August 30, 2016

Get ready for a 5%-10% stock-market drop - Market Watch--8.30.16
According to one expert, there is likely going to be a significant selloff over the next two months. This expert is predicting 5%-10% correction is likely.

German Savers Lose Faith in Banks, Stash Cash at Home - The Wall Street Journal--8.29.16
German savers are leaving their banks and putting their cash in their home safes. German banks' interest rates have plunged into negative territory and now accelerating the demand for home safes.

Economy in U.S. Grew at 1.1% Rate, Slower Than First Estimated - Bloomberg--8.26.16
The U.S. economy grew less than previously reported last quarter, capping a sluggish first-half performance. GDP rose at a 1.1% annualized rate, down from an initial estimate of 1.2%.

Fragile global economy puts a generation at risk, report warns- The Telegraph-- 8.24.16
Youth unemployment is on course to rise for the first time in three years as advanced economies continue to stagnate, according to the United Nations.

Major banks, ICAP join up to create digital currency - Seeking Alpha--8.24.16
Many major banks have teamed up to create a digital currency called the "utility settlement coin." These firms hope that the currency will become an industry standard used to clear and settle financial trades over blackchain.

Recipe For Trouble: Record Stock Prices, Sluggish Economy - Forbes--8.24.16
The S&P 500 recently hit an all-time high amid sluggish U.S. and global economic growth. According to one expert, this combination is a recipe for trouble.

All of the US economy's problems come back to one thing - Business Insider--8.23.16
The rough patches that are plaguing the U.S. economy are symptoms of the slack left in the labor market, according to Tim Hopper of TIAA Global Asset Management.

Savers hit by negative rates are starting to store their cash in safes: S&P - CNBC--8.19.16
Nearly 500 million people are living in countries with negative interest rates which could potentially fuel a return to a "cash-only" society. Negative interest rates discourage savers and may force consumers to look to hold their cash outside of the official banking sector.

Here’s how you know the stock market is hugely overvalued- MarketWatch --8.16.16
The U.S. stock market is currently more overvalued that it was at almost every bull market peak over the last 100 years. Overvalued markets can stay overvalued for some time, but value eventually wins out.

Why some economists want to get rid of cash - The Economist--8.16.16
A growing number of economists are calling for cash to be phased out. One individual argues that a cashless world would make monetary policy more effective.

Relax! The Fed's still not hiking rates this year - CNBC--8.17.16
A summary of the July FOMC meeting shows that there may be some officials who are ready to resume the tepid tightening policy but many believe it is better to wait for additional information before they make any decisions.

Chart watchers say the dollar is on the verge of unraveling- Market Watch--8.17.16
According to technical indicators, the dollar looks to be on the verge of a prolonged downturn. If this happens, expect Treasury yields to rise and commodities to continue climbing.

Global central banks dump U.S. debt at record pace - CNN Money--8.16.16
In the first six months of the year, foreign central banks sold a net $192 billion of U.S. Treasury bonds, which is more than double the pace in the same period as last year.

Stock market may be approaching stall speed, Art Cashin says - CNBC--8.15.16
According to the director of UBS floor operations at the New York Stock Exchange, stocks are running out of steam as they strike new highs.

Negative Rates for the People Arrive as German Bank Gives In - Bloomberg--8.11.16
This past week, a German cooperative savings bank said it will start charging retail customers to hold their cash.

'We should nationalise German banks' Warning Deutsche Bank teetering on edge of CRISIS - Express--8.10.16
A TOP economist is warning that Germany's biggest bank is on the edge of crisis and the only way to protect the bank against future shocks is to nationalize it.

Clinton's positive spin on the economy doesn't reflect reality - Los Angeles Times--8.8.16
The current "recovery" is the weakest on record and Clinton believes the economy is a lot better than it was when Obama took office, and even better than we believe it is.

Bitcoin Plunges After Hacking of Exchange in Hong Kong - NY Times--8.3.16
Bitcoin has plunged after Bitfinex, an exchange based in Hong Kong, said it was hacked and funds stolen. The exchange has halted trading, deposits and withdrawals while it investigates which users had been affected.

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