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March 27, 2015

US Hegemony, Dollar Dominance Are Officially Dead As China Scores Overwhelming Victory In Bank Battle - Zero Hedge--3.25.15
AIIB, the China-led development bank, marks the shift away from traditionally US-dominated multinational institutions. It also represents an implicit attempt by the Chinese to solidify their regional and international ambitions.

US Hegemony, Dollar Dominance Are Officially Dead As China Scores Overwhelming Victory In Bank Battle - Zero Hedge--3.25.15
AIIB, the China-led development bank, has marked a shift away from US-dominated multinational institutions like the IMF and ADB.

Nothing durable about this goods report: U.S. business investment falls 6th straight month - Market Watch--3.25.15
Orders for durable goods fell 1.4% in February to make the third decline in four months. Businesses started cutting investment at the end of summer.

Bullard: Worried about ‘violent’ reaction to Fed rate hike - Market Watch--3.24.15
St. Louis Fed President James Bullard has growing concerns about the mismatch between the market's and central bank's expectations for the first interest-rate increase. Bullard fears this could end with a "violent" reaction in the financial market.

Justice Department Rolls Out An Early Form Of Capital Controls In America - Zero Hedge--3.21.15
The U.S. Justice Department's criminal head has recently stated that banks may need to go beyond filing suspicious activity reports when they encounter a risky consumer. A tip-off from banks about suspicious customers could lead law enforcement to seize funds or start an investigation.

America's European "Allies" Desert Obama, Join China-led Infrastructure Bank - Zero Hedge--3.17.15
Australian and the UK have already joined the China-led AIIB and it is reported that France, Germany, and Italy have committed as well. This is a significant setback for the Obama administration.

Hedge fund manager: It's a 'truly scary time' - CNBC--3.16.15
One hedge fund manager who warned about the last financial crisis is seeing parallels in the market today. The stimulus used to put fresh money in the markets could end poorly, just like the loose credit standards in housing back in 2007.

Debt Ceiling Drama Is Back: Two Days Until US Borrowing Capacity Is Exhausted - Zero Hedge--3.13.15
The U.S. debt ceiling drama is back as the U.S. has two days until Congress's temporary suspension of the debt ceiling ends.

Greece Passes Law To Plunder Pension Funds - Zero Hedge--3.12.15
The Greek government has finally signed a bill that enables them to plunder the Greek people's pension funds. This bill enables greek deposits to be fully invested in Greek sovereign bonds.

CBO: Obama's Budget to Add $6 Trillion to Deficit - Newsmax--3.12.15
President Barack Obama's fiscal 2016 budget would add close to $6 trillion to the deficit over the next decade.

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