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September 2, 2014

Prepare for a swoon, but not because it’s September- Yahoo! Finance--9.2.14
On average, stocks usually swoon in September and many individual investors have raised concerns that this summer rally could really grind to a halt.

JP Morgan Chase reportedly hacked by Russian cyber criminals - The Inquirer--8.28.14
The United States FBI is reportedly looking into a coordinated cyber attack on international banking JP Morgan. According to an insider, sophisticated attacks were coordinated by Russian hackers against JP Morgan and four other financial institutions.

Fed Vice Chairman Warns: Your Bank May Seize Your Money to Recapitalize Itself - SHTF Plan--8.27.14
Recent comments made by Federal Reserve Vice Chairman Stanley Fischer suggests that not only are domestic economies struggling, but the U.S. government itself is preparing a financial plan in anticipation of another widespread event.

Two experts warn correction could total 60% - CNBC--8.27.14
Markets could soon face a fall of up to 60%, according to experts. According to one expert, a jolt of international confidence in central banks will lead to a 30-60 percent market decline.

Fore: Federal deficit to drop this year, but financial pain to skyrocket in future - The Washington Times--8.27.14
Congress may have managed to reign in year-to-year government spending, but big time entitlement programs like Social Security and federal health programs remain unchecked and will ultimately drive deficits higher.

US services sector growth slows for 2nd straight month in Aug: Markit - CNBC--8.25.14
The pace of growth in the US services sector fell for a second straight month in August, hitting its lowest level since May. This suggests the recovery is losing momentum since hitting a post-crisis peak in June.

New home sales slide in July, hit lowest level since March - CNBC--8.25.14
Sales on new U.S. single-family homes fell for a second straight month in July. According to the Commerce Department, sales slipped 2.4% to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 412,000 units, the lowest since March.

Next major financial shock will be a cyber attack: global watchdog - Market Watch--8.25.14
One global watchdog, the International Organization of Securities Commissions, is warning investors the next "black swan" event will be a cyber-attack on a major financial institution.

We Are Just Beginning To Experience A Global Hyperinflation - King World News--8.22.14
42-year market veteran Egon von Greyerz says that we are at the beginning stages of global hyperinflation and suggests investors to look towards gold as wealth protection.

Janet Yellen: Job market not recovered - CNN Money--8.22.14
The job market has improved over the past year, but is still not fully recovered, according to Fed Chair Janet Yellen. Fed officials debated whether the job market is healthy enough for the Fed to begin raising interest rates.

5 risks that could wake the hibernating bear- USA Today--8.21.14
The stock market has been bullish since March 2009, so what could spark the return of the dreaded Wall Street bear? The bull market was based mostly on cheap money served up by central bankers in the U.S. and all over the globe.

30 stats to show to anyone that does not believe the middle class is being destroyed - Activist Post--8.21.14
These are 30 facts that will prove the American middle class is being systematically destroyed. Medium household income has declined for five years in a row as the quality of jobs decreases.

The Italian Job: How Borrowing And Printing Lead To An Economic Dead End - Zero Hedge--8.21.14
There is plenty of proof that massive money printing doesn't work even though the Fed casts a blind eye to the massive bubbled building everywhere in the financial system.

Stock market bubble warnings grow louder - CNN Money--8.19.14
Some of the brightest minds in finance are sending warning about a stock market bubble. These experts are reminding investors that the current bull market, already over five years long, can't last forever.

Only Rich Know Wage Gains With No Raises for U.S Workers - Bloomberg--8.18.14
Five years of economic expansion has done hardly anything to boost the paychecks for typical American workers. Instead, the rich are only getting richer.

George Soros bets $2B-plus on stock market collapse: industry insiders - Washington Times--8.18.14
Billionaire businessman George Soros has bet that the U.S. will suffer a massive stock market collapse in the coming months.

Fears of Renewed Instability as Fed Ends Stimulus - The New York Times--8.15.14
After a nearly five-year rally in stocks and bonds, some investors seem to be getting nervous. There may be some instability coming soon as the Fed brings an end to its extraordinary monetary policy.

U.S. investors switch out of Europe as recovery bet sours- Yahoo! Finance--8.15.14
U.S. investors are withdrawing billions of dollars from European stocks on signs of a stalled economic recovery compounded by the Ukraine crisis.

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