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November 26, 2014

Jobless claims surge to 11-week high - Market Watch--11.26.14
The number of people who applied for unemployment benefits last week jumped to an 11-week high and topped the 300,000 market for the first time since early September.

World Headed For Massive Chaos As Next Crisis Set To Unfold - King World News--11.25.14
One expert is predicting that the world is heading for massive chaos as the next global crisis is set to unfold. He explains that there aren't any real markets in anything anymore and instead there are gross distortions of reality driven by the actions of the central banks.

It's about to get rocky for stocks: Billion-dollar strategist- Yahoo! Finance--11.25.14
According to one market expert, the current market is being driven by central bank stimulus in addition to encouraging fundamentals. Despite these positives, he sees vulnerability ahead as the U.S. transitions out of QE.

2015: The ho-hum year for stocks? - CNN Money--11.25.14
Goldman Sachs is predicting the S&P 500 benchmark will end next year at 2,100, less than 2% above where the index is now. One expert says 2015 will prove to be another challenging year.

The man who called the last stock crash is already blaming the Fed for the next - Market Watch--11.20.14
Market expert Peter Schiff is speaking out against the Fed who he claims has inflated the prices of stocks and bonds with its ultraloose, unconventional monetary policies.

Yellen Gets That Sinking Feeling Greenspan Once Knew - Bloomberg--11.19.14
When Alan Greenspan raised the benchmark overnight rate from 2004 to 2006, long-term borrowing costs failed to increase. Current Fed chair Janet Yellen may be facing similar circumstances.

Mega-Mergers Popular Again on Wall Street - CNBC--11.18.14
Surging stocks, ambitious executives and cheap debt are causing one of the biggest booms in mergers and acquisitions. Companies may be spending a lot on mergers and acquisitions, but wage growth and hiring remain sluggish.

No recession in 2015, but no growth either: BofA ML - CNBC--11.18.14
There may not be a recession next year, but Americans should not expect any stellar growth either. Fewer than one in 10 fund managers expect a recession next year, and almost 80 percent forecast "below trend" growth according to a new survey.

World economy warning light on red- Journal Gazette--11.18.14
Japan has announced they have fallen into a recession only hours after the G20 summit. Japan has now been added to the growing list of countries with troubled economies.

Due to new rules going into effect, your bank deposits have no insurance and it is a matter of time until that money is stolen. The G20 will pass a new investment program where banks will no longer recognize your deposits as money.

State Department Targeted by Hackers in 4th Agency Computer Breach - NY Times--11.16.14
The State Department became the fourth government agency to announce a breach of its computer systems in recent weeks. The infiltration forced the agency to temporarily shut down its unclassified email systems and public websites.

World Economy Worst in Two Years, Europe Darkening, Deflation Lurking: Global Investor Poll - Bloomberg/b>--11.13.14
The world economy is in its worst shape in two years as the euro area and emerging markets deteriorate. 38 percent of those surveyed described the global economy as worsening.

Report: State budgets fudge numbers to hide massive debt - Fox News--11.13.14
Many state governments are trillions of dollars in debt and are hiding those numbers by dramatically under-reporting that debt, according to a new report.

Bank branches slowly fading away in neighborhoods - CNBC--11.13.14
Bank branch closures are heading for a record year as the industry trims down and services become increasingly electronic. In 2014 alone, institutions have shut down 2,599 branches while only opening 1,137.

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